Top Bridal Planning Agencies to Hire

Wedding planning is surely not like walking in the park especially if you have no background in dealing with different vendors and suppliers. If you need anything but bridal planning, the best thing to do is inquire to best bridal planning agency for brides-to be. A bridal planning agency can help you a lot, from scratch to finish.

weddingYou don’t need to go somewhere else to get the list of best wedding planning agencies in town. Here are the top planners that have been tested and proven to have topnotch quality when it comes to quality of work and service:

Rebecca Gardner: In 2011, Gardner left SCAD or Savannah College of Art and Design in order to put up her own interior design and event firm. After leaving SCAD, she has experienced working with Happy Menocal, who is a Vogue favorite illustrator and calligrapher. Her most impressive work on the event side is when she worked with personalities like Margherita Missoni and Lauren Santo Domingo. According to critics, Gardner’s wedding planning design is quite traditional. According to Gardner, the prominent elements of good table elements in a wedding are heavy pours, candlelight and seating.

Van Wyck Wedding Planner: In 1999, Van Wyck event design house has been featured in Vogue. Since then, the event house has been serving events of Beyonce and President Barrack Obama. The event design house can work with piking flowers, lanterns, flowers and so on.  According to them, planning a wedding in an island themed as masquerade is a perfect wedding.

Tara Guérard Wedding Planning Firm: It is a five star wedding planning company and is seen being featured in Vogue multiple times. The company’s headquarter is based in Charleston, South Carolina and some other new offices in NYC. Asked to describe her wedding planning aesthetic, she said that is more focused in simplicity and elegance. The firm’s favorite locations to plan hold a wedding are Brays Island, South Carolina and Martha’s Vineyard.

Mindy Weiss: If you are rooting for a wedding planner who is a favorite of Hollywood celebrities, you should inquire with the firm of Mindy Weiss. Her clients are celebrities like Carmelo Anthony, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani and so on. Weiss is considered as a well traveling planner as she coordinates events from India to Hawaii, and etc. According to her, the most memorable venue that she has worked at was in one of the castles in France.

Easton Events: The company is founded in 1989 and has been garnering certificates and awards in wedding planning and social events. The company’s focus is more on refined crafting and elegant wedding design and attire such as Winnie Couture wedding dresses. The team can work on corporate and private events; they can also travel internationally if your wedding is in different destinations.  The company has different offices in the US situated at Charleston, Virginia, South Carolina and so on. The aesthetic of Eason Events is focused more on patina, balanced luxe and abundance, beautiful elements and layers, and so on.

If you want a more secured service, please take note of the above mentioned best bridal planning agency for brides-to be. With a planner at hand, you will no longer suffer the burdens of wedding planning.