Hints & Tips

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, unfortunately this does not always happen. Below are some helpful hints and tips to help your big day run a little smoother:


* First and foremost, make sure that every vendor you choose to use for your wedding and reception writes you up a contract. ALWAYS get everything in writing ! That way there can be no disputes later on to ruin your big day.

* Take good notes on what services you liked most from every vendor to help you better choose one in the end.

* Put gift baskets in your out of town guests rooms with items such as: maps of the area, tourist sites, schedule of wedding related events, a welcome note, etc…..

* Make sure to make a basket of essential items that you may need the day of your wedding to take with you to the ceremony site. (ie… an extra pair of panty hose, a needle and thread, any make-up needed for touch ups, etc….)

* Many people who can’t afford the cost of the wedding cake of their dreams can still have the same effect by using what they call a dummy cake. (a piece of styrofoam frosted like the rest of the cake) Then when the cake is wheeled away to be cut up you can have inexpensive sheet cakes waiting in the back to be cut up and served.

* Also lots of people are saving money these days if they are very creative and good at crafts. Many items for your wedding can be created by you or some of your friends and family members. (ie… reception table centerpieces, bridal veils, guest favours, you and your bridesmaids bouquets, other floral arrangements needed, and the pew bows)

* Always comparison shop for everything to get the best possible prices you can.

* Be sure that you give yourself plenty of time to plan everything. But don’t worry if you don’t complete every task set forth on those timetables, because I’ve seen beautiful weddings arranged in as little as six weeks.

* Make sure that you also have a realistic set budget for your wedding.

* One of the best ways to keep all of those pricelists, worksheets, contracts, and magazine pages organized is by using a three ring binder and some index tabs. This way you know where everything is and you don’t have to waste time searching for it.

* Last but certainly not least ~ Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before the wedding, have at least a little something to eat or snack on before the wedding, and enjoy your big day to the fullest, because you deserve it !