Marriage License Requirements

To be married in the state of Arkansas, you must obtain a marriage license from any County Clerk’s office. The cost is usually about $35.00 and is payable only in cash, no checks or money orders. No refunds are permitted. Pulaski County Clerk has changed their fee from $35.00 to $47.00 and Benton and Craighead County have changed theirs to $45.00. I am not sure if any of the other County Clerk’s offices have changed theirs or not, but you might call to check before going. Click here for their phone numbers.

The license is then valid for 60 days and can be used anywhere in the state.

There is no waiting period. No medical or blood tests required.

No proof of residency is necessary to be married in Arkansas.

Your license must be returned within the 60 days used or unused, otherwise a bond for $100.00 will be issued.

Ministers performing the ceremony in the state of Arkansas, must have there credentials recorded in one of Arkansas’ 75 counties.


Documents Required

Males and females ages 21 and under must present a state certified copy of their birth certificates, an active Military ID card, or a valid passport.

All males and females over the age of 22 can present either a valid driver’s license, a state certified copy of their birth certificate, an active Military ID card, or a valid passport showing their correct name and date of birth. If your name has changed due to divorce and they do not show this change, then a certified copy of the divorce decree will be needed.


Age Requirements

Males and females must be 18 in order to be married.

Males age 17 and females ages 16-17, may be married with the consent of their parents. Parents of the couple must however come in to sign the marriage book with the applicants when the license is issued. If only one parent is able to sign, due to death, separation, divorce or other circumstances – then certified papers must be produced for verification of those circumstances before a license will be issued.

Males under the age of 17 and females under 16 are prohibited from marrying without a court order. Which is usually only given in extreme circumstances, such as if the female is pregnant or the couple already has a child together.